How much historical data does GlassWire store on Android?

For apps like My Data Manager it stores historical data up to 6 months.


First of all, unlike “My Data Manager” GlassWire keeps your data usage stats private and your stats never leave your phone. We aren’t a tracking company that sells your data to third parties.

As far as your data we store locally (only on your phone itself and we can never see it), it depends on your phone. We use an API that reads your data usage stats directly from your phone so we can only see what your phone already has stored and that data exists whether or not GlassWire is installed. Usually it’s at least 90 days of data, and it can be up to 6 months.

Thanks! Two more questions:

  1. Is “removed” a single app or a series of apps?
  2. Can I set it so that it can delete historical data over time?
  1. It should be one independent app.
  2. No. We used to do this actually, but Google changed how Android worked and we were forced to use a new API for data usage monitoring. This new API we have to use does not allow us to delete the data. But it doesn’t really matter anyway because these data usage statistics exist on your phone whether or not GlassWire is installed.


For example, if I deleted two apps, will there be two “removed” icons? Thanks.

They will both use the same icon, and both will show up as “removed” in the list of apps. They will appear separately.

Theoretically we could keep the app info… and save this app name as part of GlassWire. But we worry about the privacy implications of doing that. What if you don’t want to save the information about an app you purposely uninstalled for a reason? Then GlassWire would reveal you had this app if we saved the app info.

We always consider the best ways to the privacy of our users when designing our apps. That’s why our apps collect no data. GlassWire Privacy Policy