How to activate GlassWire Premium

All Premium licenses are cloud based, and therefore associated with your GlassWire account (N.B. There is no activation code/ license key - these are exclusive to "legacy licenses which were discontinued). To upgrade an endpoint with a Premium license, follow the steps to and log in and upgrade as below:

  1. Select Upgrade from inside the GlassWire app.

  1. Select Sign In and follow the steps to log in to your GlassWire account.

  1. Once you have successfully logged into you will be directed to the Management Console. From here you will see a list of endpoints (GlassWire app on a device) that are logged in to your account. If you only have 1 endpoint logged in, you will see only this endpoint, and it should have automatically upgraded to Premium.

  1. If the endpoint did not automatically upgrade to Premium, or if you have multiple endpoints logged into your account, you are able to manually upgrade each endpoint to Premium by selecting the Upgrade button.

My name is Michael J. Senay.
I have lost the activation code
Thank you for your time


Please email us so we can help privately.

I don’t know what to do on that page. What am I supposed to click on? Please explain what to do to get my code.

Thank you for your time.


Please go to that page, then type in one of the email addresses there in your email client. Then put something like “I lost my activation code, can you help me find it?” Then we will reply. Thanks.


I was able to find your code and I sent it to you privately through the forum messaging system. Please click the top right GlassWire logo in the forum and there is a little envelope icon. Click that and you should see my message there with your code.

Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “activate” then paste in your code.


Hello, I need the activation code for my glass wire.

Thank you for your time.


Please click the top right icon on this forum web page that shows the GlassWire icon, then click the little message icon. You should find your code there in our private messages. Thanks.


I need the activation code for my glass wire.
Thank you