How to block system access?

I am looking to block all telemetry, updates, crash reporting, ads and or service provider/government. IF I wish to update I can allow it for a time.

basically I want access to the complete white list, so I can delete it all.

It may not function correctly if you disable this! EXACTLY why I wish to. I did not come across this limitation before purchase, apologies…

if you are blocked by law from disclosing/unlocking etc… please stay overtly cold and professional in your reply. THANKS!

{australian law forbids disclosing their involvment, back doors etc}

No, we’re not blocked by any government to do anything with blocking. However, by blocking some parts of Windows it causes Windows Security alerts which make our users very irritated, so we have chosen to white list some parts of Windows so our users can avoid these Windows security alerts.

Example thread: Trojan:Win32/BlockMsav.A!reg threat detected

Also, Microsoft has added ways to block Telemetry for awhile now. It’s part of Windows and you can enable this yourself any time.

On top of this we always try to do everything possible so GlassWire can’t cause any harm to our users. We don’t believe it’s good to easily allow our users to block Windows Security Updates.