How to calculate your monthly data usage (mobile/ISP)?

We’ve just made an easy to use free data usage calculation tool to help you stay under mobile or ISP data limits. Give it a try and give us feedback so we can improve!

Data Usage Calculator

Can this tool distinguish which usage went out over mobile and which over Wi-Fi? And over which Wi-Fi connection? I’ve always found these usage tools no help, because I move among different connections with different limits. One that could keep track of each separately would be a real breakthrough!

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You can click “mobile” at the top left to get different counts for mobile.

The tool is an estimator, so this does not run on your PC or count data that way. Instead it can estimate how much data you’ll use each month by your usage inputs. For example if you watch X hours of Netflix per day on average it can tell you how much data that would probably use on your network.