How to control gaming on remote machine

My daughter is doing remote education and is struggling with being distracted by games (COD, Warcraft, etc) when she should be doing work. I work form home, I’m IT savvy, and I want to help. Yes, I’ve had the 1:1 discussion about responsibility and expectations with her. Trust but verify.

With that said, is there a way I can use Glasswire to monitor her PC, notify me if she tries to open certain games, and block the game connection in her firewall?

Thanks for any advice!


Thanks for considering using GlassWire.

I think you’d be better off with the parental controls built into Windows.

It’s free and should do what you want.

Many games don’t even need network connectivity so blocking them with GlassWire probably wouldn’t block the person from playing the game.

Thanks Ken, Yup, very familiar with Parental Controls - I worked at Microsoft for a long time. Unfortunately, they won’t do what I am looking for. All of the games I am trying to block are online FPS and MMORPGs.

Can I at least get notified when the app launcher connects to one of the online web services? Thanks!


I feel sure that GlassWire isn’t the tool for you, but GlassWire will keep track of what apps are doing what and when with our graph tab. You can also review this info under “usage”.

Remote monitoring instructions GlassWire user guide and manual.

GlassWire does not hide itself and the person will have full control to do whatever they want to do to our app and settings. They can block/unblock things, remove data, put certain apps in “Incognito” etc… so your monitoring will not be useful.

GlassWire is made to help people see details on what’s going on in the background, not secretly do things. Our app is always running and visible and it makes it easy for the user to monitor what all their PC is doing in the background.

As I know you can use antivirus and include there websites that you want to block.

Mentions IT savvy, but didn’t do anything in the router to only permit certain things in certain timeframes?

I wouldn’t bother with installing a third party AV. Microsoft Defender does a great job.