How to delete my account and personal details

Cannot find any method to do this.
Nor can I find anywhere on how to change my email address.

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Hey Katie from GlassWire here - I have just moved this over to the GlassWire Help topic. To make account changes or to delete details please email our support team at with the details of the account you want to edit or remove.

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Lots of hoops to jump through to remove the spy from the program

Just our of curiosity, to be compliant with EU laws.

How do I request you to remove data collected from my machine while I do not have an online account!?

GDPR, and privacy laws in general, regulate the treatment of Personal Identifiable Information (PII), ie. information which may be used to identify or single out an individual. GDPR requires companies to provide users a list of the PII which is collected, how is it used and the ability for a user to delete it, if they wish to do so.

If you have NOT made a cloud account, we have no way of identifying who you are and therefore we do not hold any of your PII. Whatever data you contributed can never be linked back to you as we don’t know who you are or how to identify you. So there is nothing to delete as we never had your personal details in the first place.

If on the other hand you have provided us with your details, you can write to from the same email address as your glasswire account and ask for all the data associated to your account (including the account itself) to be deleted.

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