How to disable GlassWire login popup

Hi @Katie_GlassWire

Thanks :slight_smile: Can confirm that this is resolved now.

At least in 3.1.484 that is simply not true.
I get this worthless, annoying popup. Every. Single. Day.
I understand it from a company point, you want everybody to make an account… but for a user it is incredibly tedious and whoever decided on doing it this way knows that, but completely ignored it.

And yes, my Basic license is activated in the program.

Hi @Ap2000,

Thanks for your message. We disabled the pop up, so it should not be present on any version from 3.0.476 on wards. Please can you share a screenshot of the pop you with me by emailing so the team can investigate further?

Thank you

I can confirm that this login popup still shows up in version 3.1.484.

There is no check box to disable this, even though this is something people above clearly care about.

I have about three months left on my subscription and will cancel it unless this is resolved, because this kind of underhanded behavior in a company (nagging users to register against their own interest or wishes) usually suggests more problems, further on down the line.

Hi @Smith,

Indeed this is something our users care about and this is why we have disabled it. Were you able to send a screenshot of the pop up so the team can investigate this bug?

Further to this, we are launching 3.2 next week which has mandatory log in removed. There will be more about this upon launch.


It happened again today after booting my PC.
I will send a screenshot the next time it happens and I hope I don’t forget about it.