How to disable GlassWire login popup

Since upgrading to the latest GlassWire 3.0.474, I’ve been getting continuous “GlassWire Account” login popups stating I need to use my account to use the enhanced features. How can this be disabled? It also appears that I can’t use my same account which I post in the forums with. I have to create a brand-new account to use these features.



Hi @mjhall

Thanks for your message, please can you confirm that the log in pop up notification has stopped now that you have created your account?

The forum is on a different / independent system than user accounts for the management console. So it is correct, for the time being at least, that you do need two different IDs. We’ll see how we can make this more seamless eventually.


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Can we have a button to “Stop reminding me”?

It’s okay to mention new features to old users but I don’t want to be spammed about it every now and then.
If the user does not want to create an account, popups like that makes them want to do it even less.



A fix is in progress to reduce the pop up notification.


Thanks for the info @Katie_GlassWire. The popup has stopped for me once I logged in.

The popup mentions we are testing these new features. Does that mean they will eventually be included in the app and not require an account? We have had about a dozen pro licenses the past couple of years so it would be unfortunate if all my users have to create an account to utilize these awesome new features (Anomaly detection and GW Score).

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Hi @mjhall,

I understand what you mean,it would be great to understand in more detail how you would like things to operate regarding this. Would you be able to send an email to for me to pick up?


What we wish is to have the option to KILL the annoying popup reminder (not just that you reduce the pop up notification). Please, add a Stop reminding me check box into it or add an additional entry in settings that could allow us to disable it FOREVER.

cc @SHADOW13


I recently updated to the version 3.0.474 of GlassWire. It keeps popping this annoying popup all the time to try and test enhanced features. I do not want to create an account and I will not create an account for that. I absolutely do not want to get an annoying popup of it daily or ever again.

I have liked GlassWire for its already existing features and that I can set it up in many ways, also to set all the information/action popups away from some computers of my family so my less tech savvy family members don’t have to wonder and ask me what to click on. It also bothers me to see this popup constantly. I don’t want to see it at all after denying it the first time.

I rather stop using a product that spams like this on the desktop.


Hi all,

I wanted to update you that we are in process of building a login button to replace the pop up.

Thanks for your feedback regarding this.



I can see the login button now. However, the irritating popup still persists. So, I’m hit by a double whammy. Do you have any idea when this popup will be removed?
Thank you.

Hey @user1

Yes, there will be an updated release by the end of next week. This will include many improvements, one of which is the removal of the sign up pop up.



Holy shit, please REALLY remove that account popup. And hit the guy whoever made this f***ked up design decision. Seriously. I just created a forum account to vent this.

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created account to complain about this. I have this popup occurring on 15+ systems on my multi-system license. users are complaining. patch must be provided ASAP or will be forced to try to obtain old version, you were told about this on Nov 17, its Dec 1.

Created an account just to complain about this. Please get rid of this ridiculous popup. And fire whoever thought it was a good idea to use a terrible UI to put company profits over user experience. If the popups are not removed I will not be renewing my eight licenses.

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yes thanks let us disable this nag popup, i had it once only since i updated to v3 but as soon as i saw that there was only a button to Remind me later it made me anxious about future nag popups lol, i already got a license to disable the free version nag popup and i don’t want any accounts

They’re going to have it in the next update. :grinning:


Your mentioned “by the end of next week” gone. Please, provide its new releasing date

Hey @just4trash

This was released Friday 2nd December, and all users on v3 were upgraded to the most recent version of v3 automatically on Monday 5th December.

You can download the latest version from our website: Download Firewall Software by GlassWire


Hi @Katie_GlassWire

I’m on v3.0.474. I’m still getting this annoying pop-up asking to create an account. I did make an account and when I log in, there’s no way to enter my existing license key. I tried the web app as well.

I don’t know if this behavior is fixed now because I can’t remember this account section on the settings page.

Can you confirm this? If I log back in will I be able to attach my existing license? Because the last time I did that, it took me to a different subscription which had a 7-day trial. I had to re-install the application to get that account unlinked.

Hi @Yomal_Malinda,

Sorry for the inconvenience, all the issues mentioned have been fixed in the newest version. Please go ahead and download GlassWire 3.0.476 from Download Firewall Software by GlassWire

To confirm, on this version, the pop up is reduced to every 30 days, and you can activate your Basic license activation code from Menu > upgrade > upgrade by license activation code.