How to disable Windows Security Health Service and SmartScreen? Windows 11-Pro

I am very upset because Windows behaves like malware. Malware = unsolicited functions, surreptitious functions, self-reinitiating/replicating. Unsolicited meaning no apparent option to user. Surreptitious meaning doing things user is unaware of that is often completely unnecessary. And being difficult to disable while also continuing to try to persist. This is not just the spyware that comes bundled along with everything else that is included. There is also much in Windows that behaves this way. And difficult for professionals and system admins to configure/fix/deal with.

There are two in particular related to Windows Security that may be no problem for most users. But for professional users who cannot have this stuff running, it is a major problem. SmartScreen and Windows Security Health Service.

With any security software like Norton, McFee, GlassWire, you can simply uninstall it - remove it completely from the system. Not so with the built-in security in Windows OS. Despite being completely unnecessary and redundant for users like myself who must use third-party security software.

Does anybody know how to get rid of these? Thanks.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of it. Yes, you uninstall and as soon you do an update it comes back again. So if you want permanently get rid of it, Go to Linux Mint. No more problems! :smiley: That’s what I’m fixing to do in 2025! :slightly_smiling_face: