How to download and run the latest version of the GlassWire installer

Go to the GlassWire download page:

Click on the large button to Download GlassWire Free. The download screen should look like this windowed view:

The next steps depend upon the web browser that you are using.

A. using Google Chrome web browser

  1. Click on the complete download GlassWireSetup.exe to run the GlassWire installer. This normally appears at the bottom of the Chrome window as shown.

B. using Mozilla Firefox web browser

  1. Click on the Save File button to save the GlassWire installer.
  • Click on the blue download button to see the downloaded files

  • Click on the GlassWire download to run it. It is named GlassWireSetup.exe in this example.

C. using Microsoft Edge web browser

Once the download is complete, Edge will prompt you to save the file.

  1. Click Save to save the file in their Downloads folder.

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