Include a link on the Mac download web page for the Windows version

Kindly include a link on the Mac download web page for the Windows version. I don’t want to have to change the user agent of my browser just to download from my OS and browser of choice. Be kind of a pain for less technically inclined user too.

I moved this into a new topic because it is unrelated to the How-to and the GlassWire team would have to change their site to fix this issue.

In the interim, can you try this link direct to the installer download:

I understand that you are saying that you use a Mac web browser. When you try to download the GlassWire installer, is automatically redirecting you to the Mac download page ( based on your web browser’s user agent. No Mac version has been released so there is no Mac download and there is no download link for the Windows version either, only a link to the Windows download page. I assume that you are again redirected to the Mac download page.

If I’ve got this wrong then I apologise in advance.


The link is there, you just need to scroll down where it says “download GlassWire for Windows”.

That’s correct. I did scroll down on the download page before my original post but still did not see the windows download link or got redirected to the mac os page I don’t recall precisely, it’s been a few days. Just tested the download page again, I see the Windows link now and clicking on it does not redirect to mac os page. Case closed I suppose. Thanks.

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