How to get GlassWire Forum on Windows Desktop

I wanted a smoother experience for GlassWire, and since I use Chrome for this purpose on other sites, I thought it helpful for others too.


A way to help me stay in the know, about the latest chatter here on the forum.


Chrome has a feature that allows you to save any website as a shortcut. With this feature, comes the option to open the site in it’s own window - sublime stuff! As a bonus, you also get a custom icon on the taskbar!

Here is how you do it (requires chrome):

  1. Visit GlassWire Forum in the Chrome browser:
  2. Click on the three vertical menu dots in the top right corner of the browser.
  3. Select More tools and then Create Shortcut.

  1. In the dialogue window that pops up, choose an appropriate name and tick the “Open as window” checkbox.

  1. Lastly click Create. The new Application will save a shortcut to your desktop and open GlassWire Forum in a separate window. (and looking like a real desktop app!)

2020-01-31 14_53_48-Window

This is the final product

Hope this is helpful for some of you :slight_smile:


That is very cool! Thanks for posting this.

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Thanks for the info Swoy! Cool! :smiley: