How to interpret GW info

I heard of GW and installed it both on Windows and Android. While some connections are clearly OK, most of them are unclear to me. How can I know if a connection is suspicious? Thanks in advance.


Thanks for trying GlassWire. We recently made this web page that can help.

Thanks. My question wasn’t well written. I didn’t mean the .exe, I meant connections like the following (I have many, it’s just an example):

settingsfd-geo . trafficmanager . net
settingsfd-prod-neu1-endpoint . trafficmanager . net
e11290 . dspg . akamaiedge . net
cs1137261584 . wpc . phicdn . net

These are normal connections that you are showing. Some may be from your phone or PC. If you have some connection that doesn’t look familiar you can block it. Example would be a torrent network showing that you don’t use. Hope that helps!

I believe the trafficmanager connections are MIcrosoft, and the CDN connections are content delivery networks (maybe also related to Microsoft). Microsoft does use Akamai.