How to monitor game console bandwidth


Using GW Pro, I was close to my data cap and the 2 main offending pc’s were now showing NO where near that amount. So I restarted GW, checked Things and saw 11 items but the info was greyed out. Think redacted. So restarted the GW services and now I get Things with IP addresses. And one of them is kids playstation

How do you monitor the bandwidth there?


We have two apps, one for Android and one for Windows. The Windows app can show all the devices that are connected, and alert you when a new unknown device joins but it cannot monitor per-device bandwidth.

Monitoring per-device bandwidth requires we interface with the router and GlassWire cannot interface with your router unfortunately.

A lot of people on data plans use GlassWire to check their PC bandwidth in detail because usually PCs are responsible for using unusually large amounts of data. You can then see what app is responsible and block it.

Thank you for letting me know so quickly that this tool does not offer per device monitoring. Outside of that, I am very happy with the tool!

Thanks! And Happy Holidays!

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You might be able to do that if you connect your console to the internet using your PC,
for example if your PC has two ethernet ports (or a USB Ethernet network adapter) so the PC is connected to your router and the console is connected to your PC (you can bridge the connections to share the PCs network connection with the console), that might allow you to monitor the console as well, just an idea and might need some more tweaking :slight_smile:

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