How to search a program in "log analysis"?

Hi there, I am new to Glasswire. I wonder how to search a program to see if it had or when did it have a silent connection through Internet after I had permitted it for outgo connection. It is normal to search for the past activity log, but I could not find this basic function. I do not know how the permitted programs are working now from the “log analysis”.

Hi @riow

There is no search functionality for the Log Analysis, but there is a “sort by” filter. You can sort by Type of App.

Another option is to filter by the app on the Traffic Monitor and set the time interval “unlimited”. You will then see a graph with peak and “alert” badged for the app in question.


Thanks Katie for the instructions that guided me to better use of GW. However I think direct searching from Log Analysis would be able to promptly know about what happen to something. Direct log analysis could be more helpful, rather going through the statistical swarm of data indirectly.

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