Please don’t clutter this suggestion topic with “how do I” or “what is that” posts. Search engines are your friend. Discussions about the politics and value of the tech should be best done in another topic(s). Thanks.

Since March I’ve been using HTTP/3 problem free in Firefox (currently 89.0.2) via tweaked about:config settings. Rumor has it, it’ll be default in 90.

These connections are counted in Usage as Traffic Type, Other. Which would make sense as the connection is UDP, port 443 and reported as such in packet sniffs. As well, the traffic type did show up in March.

I don’t use other browsers but I believe HTTP/3 was quite recently in Edge and Chrome set as default. Forum members may want to post up if they’re seeing Other for those and/or other browsers and versions they use.

To date, my Firefox has rounded down and up 4.1 GB and 190 MB of Other data.

• The suggestion is for GW to list Other as HTTP/3 or just add the counts to HTTPS for the sake of accuracy. Then if some other kind of traffic may rear its head, Other will compel one to investigate it.

BTW, QUIC is pronounced “quick.”


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Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the issue. We will work to improve “other” traffic type detection in the future.

It’s not an issue. It’s a suggestion.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. We appreciate your posts as always and I am sorry if I sounded like I did not appreciate the suggestion.