HughesNet modem: unrecorded activity

HughesNet Status Meter says I’m using 3 gigabytes per day, even when the computer and modem are shut down. Glasswire says I’m using 300 to 400 megabytes per day.

Is it possible to monitor the modem with Glasswire? Is it possible for the modem to be infected with malware?


Do you have any other devices hooked up to HughesNet besides your PC?

If you are still getting major usage with the modem shut down, then that’s probably not the cause. Do you have any other devices hooked up to HughesNet?

The system is comprised of satellite dish, Hughes modem, Linksys WAP 54G, router, my computer, wife’s computer. An ethernet cable connects the modem to the router. An ethernet cable connects the router to my computer. My wife has a wireless connection.

The router is secured. My nearest neighbors are half a mile away and all they do is eat grass all day and say “moo.”

My though was that the modem might be infected and bypassing Glasswire.

I always boot the modem and router before turning on the computer, so there might be a chance for the malware to work before the computer is on.

This is a frequent problem with Hughes, Excede, Verizon 4G LTE et al.

If it were me, I’d see if there is a way to reset the modem to defaults, then install the latest updates on it and see if that solves it.

Meanwhile you should look at your wife’s PC and consider installing GlassWire there also, then you can even link the two if you want

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Yeah you need Glasswire on all devices on the network.

Or replacing your router with a device that can provide you more insight into your network.

A gateway with for instance would show you every bit of traffic crossing to your wan.


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Update: Malware Bytes found Trojan.Dropper and several other nasty things on my wife’s computer. The excess downloads were much diminished immediately. For a few days. Now the excess downloads are resuming despite daily scans on both computers.

Glasswire has been installed on my wife’s computer, but it’s the freebie version. I can’t activate it because the activation code has been used too many times. I’m recovering from a stroke so I don’t always click the right buttons.

I’ll look into replacement routers and

Lots of HughesNet customers are complaining about this, so I’m not the only one.

Will keep trying.

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The helpdesk can help with your code, just let us know the email you used to order.