Hundreds of "Things" on my Network?!

I am new to GlassWire, but I’m okay with computers, for an enthusiast.

I recently purchased GlassWire to keep an eye on things and noticed there are LITERALLY 300+ IP’s connected to my network according to GlassWire. My Netgear Router Map says otherwise.

Can anyone help?!

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First question: Do the devices have IP addresses internal to your LAN?

For example, my computer’s IPv4 address is That IP address is assigned by the router (e.g.

Here’s a list of private network IP address ranges:

Here’s what the first few IP addresses look like on my network

By the way, I can’t have 300 IP addresses on my LAN because it is configured to have no more than the usual 255. So is their really 300?

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256 addresses per network is the limit for Class C networks for which there are 2,097,152 networks for a lump sum total of 536,870,912 addresses.

Class B and A, higher and much higher.

@ Kurmi - To begin…
Post up a partial screenshot of your Things screen, with IP (not DNS) selected.
Enter ipconfig /allcompartments /all in cmd and paste in the text returned, without the Physical Address data.

And some other of them there nasty technical details: Windows and GlassWire versions.


I’m really overwhelmed here. Sorry, for the delay in response. I’m currently sitting at 203 “things”.

All the prefixes are the same, including my computer; but they start with 173, not 192.

I’m beyond confused.

I live in a tiny farmtown of less than 500 people. Could I be seeing everyone’s stuff?

Over 300 things again! What is going on?! SHould I be worried?

You are in the same situation as this GlassWire user:

The solution is probably the same. Installing a router will isolate your local device(s) from the other customers of your ISP:

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I was expecting to see loads of 172.16.x.x NAT addresses.

Though a class C subnet mask in IP settings would the solution for an experienced user, if the assumption Kurmi isn’t using a router.

Then again, Kurmi could be using a router and NAT is disabled.

BTW, that ipconfig /allcompartments /all would reveal if there was more than one NIC, and their configs, which often befuddles network discovery software. Not that GW would be subject to that…

One way or the other, that ipconfig data will be important to troubleshoot further.

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Thanks @dallas7 and @Remah

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