I can not download windows images as long as the firewall is enabled

Whenever i run the media creation tool from microsoft on my pc it fails to open. When i disable the glasswire firewall ist runs as intended.

And before you ask, no i do not block the media creation tool in the firewall. Even if i give access to everything what is listed it does not work. Once i swich off the glasswire firewall entirely it works fine.

pls help me to resolve this issue

best wishes


edit: im running the PC version on windows 10pro


anyone? any solutions?

I suspect it will be a similar issue to Adobe CC. It downloads a secondary app to a temporary folder which is blocked. The name of the temporary folder is randomised and so changes each time. The only (unsatisfactory) solution is to temporarily disable the firewall.

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Dear @Morris Thank you for your message.

In order for our team to reproduce the issue please send us logs if you could.

Instructions to produce the logs are below:

  • Stop GlassWire service.
  • Open C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service-full\glasswire.conf as administrator.
  • Set parameter: LogEnabled = true
  • Save the file and start GlassWire service.
  • After the problem is reproduced, email us resulting file from the “C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service-full\log” folder.

Please feel free to submit an email to help@glasswire.com , our official support channel, including your log files, and we will contact you directly.