I have bought Glasswire Pro, but how to activate for Android?


As a Glasswire Pro user, how do I activate the the Android App?



We don’t mention Android on our PC order page because Google Play doesn’t allow us to use our activation codes. To be in Google Play, Google takes 30% of sales (as they deserve due to their supporting of the Google Play infrastructure).

To try to make up for it we made the Android app only cost a few dollars.

It’s true some older apps work with older activation systems but our app uses the latest APIs and we don’t yet have a way to support activation with our Android app, and Google does not support this either.

We agree it would be great if we could make Android/PC compatible with activation codes and we’d make more money because we wouldn’t have to pay Google 30%, but Google Play doesn’t allow it currently.


This answer, although it explains why I can’t activivate, it, it’s still missing soemthing, I think. The app offers me to upgrade for a fee, but certainly I shouldn’t have to pay for that now that I’v alredy paid for the Pro version?



We agree, and we’d make more money if there were no technical limitations with Android because we would not have to pay Google 30% (which Google deserves for their support of the Google Play infrastructure). With the most up to date Google Play API we cannot currently integrate our activation codes with their system.