I think GlassWire maybe blocking some sites

I am trying to access 1337x.to and I can’t access. How do I check to see if it’s being blocked by GlassWire?.

Also how do i turn off glasswire

GlassWire does not block hosts and absolutely does NOT block this website, and never has, and never will.

Go to GlassWire’s “Firewall” tab and switch the Firewall to “Off”. But it should make no difference since GlassWire does not block hosts/websites at all.

That is a well-known torrenting site that is blocked because it aims to circumvent various laws. For that reason it is far more likely to be blocked by other means:

  • antivirus software, e.g. Malwarebytes
  • web browsers
  • filtering/blocking DNS, e.g. OpenDNS
  • ISP/national web filters.
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