I want to Buy GlassWire

I want to purchace a GlassWire product but my Husband has a very strict rule that we can not use our credit or debit cards on the computer. I have been hacked in on and my idenity stolen over the computer so we don’t do it. Please is there a number that I can call to make that puchace on? Please e-mail me a number that I can make it on I begge of you. Please, I have searched the entire website and can’t find one. Thank You.

Hello Sonya,

Go to our order page https://www.glasswire.com/buy/ and click “buy” for the version you want, then choose check/money order or Paypal.

We personally don’t store any credit card data so if you called me I’d just input your data into the Cleverbridge Internet form, but you may be able to call them and pay them directly here https://support.cleverbridge.com/hc/en-us. I wish I could accept payment over the phone, sorry!