Identifying IP host

Is there a way to identify which hosts an app is communicating with? I see the Windows version of Glasswire may supply that information.

I’ve tried blocking all apps in the firewall and enabling them one at time to see if I can detect who is connecting to a specific remote host. I see some apps have activity recorded even though they are blocked by the firewall.


We’d really like to add that feature! I want it for my own phone. Unfortunately Android Pie has become so strict that it’s difficult for us to even keep our app running in the background as is.

If we add anything that adds more resources our app will get killed by Pie, and if the app is killed it can’t collect data anyway… so it’s useless.

Meanwhile we’re completely redesigning how our mobile app works and we’re seeing if we can find a way to collect hosts, etc… in the future. Thanks for your feedback and patience. We are doing the best we can with the limitations we’re given.

Yes this feature should be included.

Yeah, i need this feature on My Android… I need see all host connections same Windows APP show…

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