Idle service Gone Crazy *updated with scenerio*

Glasswire staff
you may remember the below picture, You suggested a re-install with clean .Db etc

Well i’ve been running out problem since then, over a month +. However i have found a scenario were this happens

So i currently have 2 internet connection

  1. my pc is connected to the first, It has gone down so of course Windows goes into Limiited connectivity mode.
  2. when this happens after some time the idle service goes haywire & creates multiople processes (250+ in fact)
  3. changing my Ip configuration to my second gateway & restoring the net connection, rectifies the idle process issue,

so you should be able to reproduce this in your lab by going into a “limited connectivity” state, eg editing your Gateway or Ip settings so you cannot get online.

in affect somthing about losing a Internet connection confuses your software.

Thanks so much for figuring this out and posting how this can be recreated! We’ll try to reproduce on our end so we can fix it. Thanks!

Please rename gwidlmon.exe while we look for this bug. Thanks!

just an update this,

once in this state extra side affects found
Glass-wire is running, Task icon is no longer visible.
Opening glasswire shows no GUI, jusdt launches multiple instances of Glasswire

Steps to fix,
Fix Limited connectivity, & reboot is required to get UI functionality back

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Thanks for the update. We’ll continue to work on this.