If my computer isn't always on the network I want to monitor does it still get the information for me?

I want to use the software to manage and log data usage on my network at home but I carry my tablet around with me. Does the computer with the software need to be hooked to the network at all times to collect the data?

GlassWire can only monitor date on the devices it is installed on, but GlassWire can give you a list of all devices on your network and alert you when new unknown devices join.

GlassWire can also monitor other remote devices, but only if those devices are Windows PCs. We are working on Mac/Android versions of GlassWire for the future.

Remote monitoring with GlassWire looks something like this https://www.glasswire.com/buy/#Multiple_server_monitoring and you can try it with one remote PC with the free version of GlassWire before buying.

I’m not sure the OP got his actual questions answered, so “Yes” you need to have your computer connected to your home network to monitor it. But if you have other computers on your home network, you can set up Remote Monitoring. When you get home, if you remotely monitor one of the machines that remained on the network, you will get continuous network information.

Be aware that while you are traveling and connected to another network, Glasswire on your laptop will be monitoring THAT network. You can prevent the data from foreign networks from being collected by using Glasswire in incognito mode during the time of your “foreign” connection. It’s very dependent on you manually changing to incognito mode and then back out when you re-connect to your home network.

I think we’re hoping to see improvements on the incognito connection based on a specified network. Ken?

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