If you offered a permanent lifetime purchase option I would buy immediately

It is quite misleading to have all your links say buy now when there is no option to buy, only subscribe. If you were to offer a permanent lifetime purchase option I would buy your product immediately, and suggest it to all my viewers, I just can’t accept a subscription model for something I know I want forever, and the current price point is too high for non-professional users in my opinion.


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Thanks for your feedback.

Subscriptions say “subscription” on the order pages many times, and then you even must check a box that says “I agree this is a yearly subscription” on the second order page. Most subscription services don’t require a check box like that but we do, and we have always had one.

Details on why we have yearly subscriptions are here Get help with GlassWire subscriptions.

Also, you can cancel your subscription immediately on ordering by pressing “cancel” in the order email. You don’t even have to contact us to do so, and you can continue to use our software for a year with no problems.

We think services that force you to contact them to cancel are horrible. In our case you just click “cancel” in your order email without contacting us. If you lose your email with your activation code, just email me and I can help Contact GlassWire.

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