Implement the Host Info directly into the app, or let the user rename IPs

I often use GlassWire for diverse reasons. One of them is to know which server I am connected to, and what company makes me use the most data (for example, to know which cloud service a game or a video-on-demand service uses). To do this, I go into the host sections in the app, then I select the host that used the most data, I press the three buttons next to IP and here I select Search Online. I think it would be quite useful to have the Host Info feature directly into the app, without having to go through multiples steps, opening the web browser and having to wait for like 5 seconds to know.
If this is not possible due to technical reasons, another feature could be implemented, one that I think is quite easy to implement: let the user rename IPs. For example, to show next to the XX.XX.XXX.XXX address a note, the user would write here something like “Google Content Delivery Network (Paris)”

Hi @TheWonderfulPie,

Thanks for your product feedback, it’s a great idea. Our team are working on adding lots of new features but I will certainly put this forward to our R&D team.