Improve remote desktop performance

There are two things Glasswire does that make remote desktop non-responsive while it shows a notification or if you (accidentally) open the app:

  • The way the notifications fade in and out
  • The way the graph scrolls

I haven’t tested it under different remote desktop clients, but the ones I use most often become unresponsive easily for up to 30 seconds every time Glasswire shows something.

Disabling notifications helps - but just an option to not have them fade in and out would be better. Similarly, the graph is neat, but just rendering it differently or updating it much less frequently, or not making it the default window, under remote desktop conditions, would go a long way to making Glasswire behave better for computers used like that.

Thanks @dagelf, I will share this with our team.

What remote desktop system do you use? Nobody has ever reported this so far and I would like to be able to share the details with our team if possible so we can recreate this and see the issue ourselves.