Improvement Request


I have what I think to be a simple and logical request that would serve to make the product more “user” friendly for all of us.
With WFC you can right click on an .exe from within file explorer, and if enabled in the *WFC Snap-In (*Windows Firewall Control) and select weather or not to allow internet for that particular software or program. Would love to have this for Glasswire as well. See SS below:
I right clicked on the “Easy Anti-Cheat” and as you can see I have the options in (1 & 2) to allow or block the software from outbound connections. I can’t do this with glasswire and as you can see in(4) on the top right I am only running Glasswire, we can see the settings still because WFC is sleeping for now while I test Glasswire all by itself without the help of WFC.
I will post more on that later when I have enough skill with it to form an educated opinion. But I digress, I think having that ability would benefit all Glasswire users both present and future.


You want to be able to block applications from inbound only, or outbound only connections? How is it useful for you exactly? We haven’t had any requests for this functionality before so I want to make sure I understand. Thanks.


Outbound only, the other would cause too many issues, especially for the average “Joe” or "Jane"
Very surprised no requests for this exist :thinking:


We had a poll where users can write in their own suggestions from our newsletter (you can join from this page and I don’t recall a single person bringing this up, but perhaps I am mistaken.


Fair enough Ken, Thanks :sunglasses:


It could be a good idea though. Maybe more people will chime in and give feedback here. Sorry if I sounded negative. :slight_smile:


No offense taken, I’m not made of “Glass” (pun intended) :stuck_out_tongue:
I give feedback when I see something worth mentioning, I do this in the AV testers world as well and your reaction was nothing new or unexpected.
It’s all good :slight_smile:


Ken - FWIW I heartily endorse this request. Hope you will reconsider.


Late Sunday afternoon here :sleeping: I’m not sure what’s being asked for. Unfortunately my monitor has lost its spectacles, the screenshot is all fuzzy, so it’s difficult to work out what’s showing.

My pref is that GW remain a monitor/controller, Windows Firewall is a very competent app all by itself. If you add a traffic control to GW, that starts making it a firewall itself… Not where I’d like to go.


lol, the Controller portion is what this suggestion is about , and not at all about meddling with Glasswire’s ability to remain a solid option as a “controller” my suggestion actually serves to enhance the controller aspect of the software.
Thanks for your input reguardless :slight_smile:


I remember a request for inbound blocking and a couple of requests for blocking all outbound connections.




My request was not exactly to block inbound rules, but to not create automatically inbound allow rules when allowing a program when asked to connect. A creation of an outbound allow rule is sufficient for most programs.


Well I included the visuals and spoke clearly to avoid any confusion or redirection, both happen often on some forums, at times it is based on understanding and natural confusion, some instances are guided redirects.
Either way, I am so sorry I posted this here, lesson learned.
Stay frosty Glasswire, and have an awesome Halloween. PeAcE

PS:As mentioned above I deal with Security Software Devs on a daily basis, this encounter made me very thankful for the company I keep.
Ken you can close or delete this thread at your discretion. :+1:



We need feedback from users like yourself very badly. I apologize if I sounded negative. The other people chiming in are GlassWire fans and not people who work for the company so I apologize for any confusion.

Also others have messaged me privately to express that they also want your feature request.


Well there does exist an entire community of individuals that excel at testing and promoting software, through giveaways and common sense recommendations and for free, as well as educated feedback, it’s here:
There are many GW fans there :wink: as well as other software Devs like the Dev’s from VoodooShield, SurfRight, EmsiSoft, just to name a few.
I will still give feedback but it will be from there, and maybe soon even a “honest” GW review :wink:
Feel free @Ken_GlassWire to stop in, I am “CyberGhosT” there as well.
Have an awesome day Ken & GW Community, you know where I will be.
Much respect, Stay frosty.


Simple. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice idea. Again, please consider.


Here, I will post this so we can once and for all clear this up. This SS shows a functionality of a competing software, I in no way support that software nor am I promoting it here. I post the image only in a educational manner and am not affiliated with the software nor it’s creators.
Ok on to the screenshot from my PC:

As you can see, from file explorer I have “right” clicked on Glasswire.exe, now look at number 2 in the top right, I have the option from within the context menu to select to allow or deny this app (or .exe) from accessing the internet.
Clear as glass now (pun intended) :slight_smile:
This would be a very beneficial feature for Glasswire users, now do you understand the request ?