Inaccurate mobile data monitoring

Hi. I’m using Glasswire on my Pixel2XL running Android Pie. There is always a difference in the mobile data usage reported by Glasswire and the data usage reported by the device. Is there a reason for this difference?


I have a Pixel phone also.

Is the data usage under-reported by GlassWire or do you feel it’s over-reported?

It’s under-reported. Been using Glasswire for 3 months now.


Could you set GlassWire as un-optimized and see if that helps?

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Your app > Advanced > Battery > Battery optimization
  2. Change view to All apps
  3. Search for your app
  4. Choose Not optimized

If our app is killed it will under report the data usage. Meanwhile we’ll have an update this summer that will no longer require this change.

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