Inactive App - Antimalware Service Executable

I’m a bit concerned that Antimalware Service Executable has been inactive for a while now - my understanding is that this is connected to Windows defender, shouldn’t this always be running?


Have you checked that it is not also listed under active apps?

@Katie_GlassWire It would be nice to have an option to get rid off my now five Antimalware Service Executable listed under inactive. They make the inactive tab very messy :smiley:

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Yes I have and it isn’t. It’s actually listed twice and both are inactive!?

Maybe right click on the MS Defender Icon in the taskbar and “search for protection updates” or scan a random file to trigger it. After that I’m out of suggestions. Sorry

For me the inactive once were never a problem (other then mounting up) since I always had one that was in “active apps”.

Thanks @Geri123; it’s running withing task manager 177.6 MB constantly used in memory and very little CPU (0.1) usage