Include VirusTotal result in New / Changed Program notifications

I really do appreciate having VirusTotal scan results showing up for each new or changed program. It helps me both feel secure about my computer and be properly aware that GW is greatly helping my computer to remain secure.

The one small inconvenience and annoyance at the moment is that those VT results are being shown in a separate alert each time. As the vast majority of my GW alerts relate to new or changed programs, that means that most of my notifications are two for each single event. That is confusing, and a look at the system tray icon’s alerts number, and the length of the list of alerts / notifications gives an inflated impression of what’s really going on. Also, having a long list of new alerts on the Alerts tab makes it more likely that something that really needs attention might be missed before one clicks ‘Mark all as Read’ and and gets back to work.

I therefore request that the VT results be incorporated in each first Internet activity or changed program alert, so we get one (more informative) alert per event. That would be really helpful. – Thank you for listening! :slight_smile:


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@PhilipGoddard You probably already know this, but for other GlassWire users who may not please note that you can go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “settings” then “security” then scroll down to the bottom and you can turn on/off VirusTotal Scan notifications there.

Good idea about making the VT alert one single alert. I’ll see if the API we use can do that.

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