Information needed regarding something I noticed

I was in a debate with a friend about a well know infamous website, piratebay of course. we were discussing how they were in some country with no laws against piracy which is why they were able to exist. we debated back and fourth about what country it could be in and couldn’t really get anywhere with it. Then it occurred to me that I can see not only IPs but the country/region a website is at in Glasswire. but when I open glasswire just after going to piratebay I notice a few IPs my browser is accessing but I determined what each one was, all but one. this one I assume is pirate bay because none of the other sites showing were it. but the odd thing is the country/region it displayed was just listed as “other” and instead of a flag of its country its a green image of the world. does anybody know what it is that is causing this or how a site does such a thing to hide what country it is in? is it legal to even do such a thing to your server?

The Pirate Bay has had a lot of legal problems I think it could be a delay for your hosts resolving (if you check back now under “usage” it may have resolved), or you could Google “arin lookup” for the IP addresses that aren’t resolving and see who controls them.

now apparently its hosted in the USA, personally I think its false tho. I’d imagine it being so close to the US and NSA it would be shutdown quick. is it possibly spoofed? maybe changing the region shown?

It is no suprise to have Pirate Bay using an IP address allocated to the USA but have the server located in another country. Identifying the geographic or national location of an IP addresses is prone to error even if people aren’t trying to hide where their computers are, e.g. by using VPNs.

Even the estimates of the accuracy of locating IP addresses are often just best guesses.

On a country level, the accuracy percentage of IP address geolocation does indeed tend to be upwards of 90%.


Estimates reach from 60% accuracy all the way up to 95% accurate.

Determining the nation of an Internet user is 95%-99% percent accurate, for reasons that have to do with how IP addresses are allocated and registered.


Accuracy rates on naming the city from an IP address vary between 50%-80%.

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