Install fails ver 2.2

Looking to test the application, however I can’t get this to install. It’s stick on the installation step - any advice?

I’ve stopped the installation via task manager (had to cancel the install) - rebooted, tried a different drive, but same same.



Do you see GlassWire in add/remove programs? If so could you uninstall, then reboot, then try again?

I don’t see the screenshot. Please email it to me.

The main issue we usually see is that our Windows service is still running. I recommend rebooting, then try to install GlassWire again. Rebooting usually kills our service.

If that doesn’t work you can find our service in the Windows Task Manager and kill it.

Hi, Servo_GlassWire, I have installed GlassWireSetup Version 2.2.260, 48.1MB and I can’t see it in my apps. window 7 64bt, Dell Optilex 745.

Is our service running in the task manager?