Install on separate PC's

If I have say 3 licences, can I install two on my own network and a totally separate one on a customers network to check things?

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You can monitor a remote PC with our remote monitoring mode.

The monitoring will be obvious for the customer.

GlassWire’s network monitoring features are free, so you can monitor other PCs in free mode also but they won’t have any our our security or paid firewall features.

You can install two licenses on your own network, and a totally separate third license on a customer’s network if you want them to have all our paid features. If you just want to monitor their network activity and you don’t want them to have security/firewall features, then I would not waste a code on them.

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Thanks, I was looking for this!

@butoque I think you can do it. And one gone separate third license on a customer’s network. If you want that they use paid features. And if you just want to check their activities then you don’t should do this. :slightly_smiling_face: