"Installation Failure" on a clean, new install

My friend recommended Glasswire to me, so I wanted to install it, but all I get is “Installation Failure” automatically.

Windows 10, up-to-date, set to Polish language

Can you somehow help me?


I’m not sure what to suggest. Please email me https://www.glasswire.com/contact/ a link to this thread.


Just checking in on this if you want to email me? I am curious why this is happening and I have some questions about your Windows OS setup. Thanks!

just sent to your email @Ken_GlassWire

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contact support team to solve your problem

I also have the same problem. I tried to install different versions of Glasswire up tot he latest version on Windows 10 and the same error came up

same problem any solution?

hola pudieron resolver el problema me sucede lo mismo !!!Ayuda!!!

Same here.
Captura de pantalla 2021-06-20 145052

He intentado instalar todas estas versiones y me sigue dando el mismo error, alguien ha podido solucionar este tema !!!


Esta también me falla


Esta que es la mas reciente que descargue igual falla. Alguna idea