Installation of version 363

I tried to install version 363 from GW and got an error message. I was under my standard account.
GW did not ask me for the pwd of my admin account.
From memory, the installation of GW was correct only when you were connected directly under the admin account (unless there was an evolution).

Some time later, I switched to my admin account and there I found that version 363 was installed. It was weird.
Moreover some parameters were different from my standard account (Themes, time period, slider). Is this normal?

I had similar issue/message. Manual update from the button link proceeded without a problem. I had a suspicion it hadn’t managed, possibly due to AV/Firewall to connect to download server: I have a diagnostic bar permanently on screen showing temps, internet up/down etc…and watching the internet “up/down” did not suggest update downloaded. What would be helpful (Ken are you reading this :slightly_smiling_face:) is if the pop up, after selecting “install” showed more information; for example, a progress percentage and bar with a small line of text such as “removing old version”, “downloading files”, “installing” etc etc Then you and the user might have some clue at what point it failed.