Internal traffic seen as external

I have a web server running on another machine on my local network ( All traffic to and from that machine from my desktop shows up as external. How can I fix this?

I’m running v1.2.64.

When you click on the web server host, the popup says it is on the local network and shows the traffic, yet that traffic shows up in the External on the overall stats.

Sorry for the problem. Let me discuss this with our development team and see if they have some ideas how this could be happening.

@JRP_Mike Could you email us the actual IP address of the web server privately? Or message it to me?

Does this help? Chrome is selected. 192.XXX.XX.XXX (REMOVED BY ADMIN) is an NTOP VM running on Hyper-V (not my desktop). You can see the 4.7GB transferred to and from the host and the external usage bar graph line up. The funny thing is, I switched my NTOP window to IE to try to track it separately and this morning when I came in and went to take this screenshot, I noticed that it was tracking the data as internal. I hope this is helpful to you. Let me know if you need any more details.

Edit: I switched back to viewing NTOP in Chrome and the is still showing as external there. A Chrome specific issue?

Sent to the dev team to investigate, thanks. I will let you know their response.

@JRP_Mike We are working on trying to figure out why this was happening so we can fix it. Thanks for your report.