Internat external usage Uk OFCOM

Guys need some information re measuring usage,
My ISP say IM using 200gb a month.
Glasswire says Im using 32gn external a month

OFCOM have added all the usage figures in the listing to compare the usage figure shown and says the total =144 gb…

What has gone wrong here does the right panels show usage for internal and external even though the result chart is set in external only???

Need help asap…

here is what Uk OFCOM say about Glaswire

You contest the data usage BT has reported. You say that you have not used 200GB of data each month, and that your usage has been around 22GB each month.

You tell me you know how much data you have used, as you have tracked this independently using third party software.

You also comment that, in your view, Openreach could be more upfront with the facts, in respect of what speeds its network and the line can support, to ensure providers do not mislead consumers.

You also question the credits BT has applied, and you ask for further information regarding this.

You have provided evidence to support your view, in the form of screenshots showing how much data you have used, and speed test results.

I have considered your representations to the investigation.

Firstly, I note there appears to have been some confusion with the volume of data your software has recorded you used.

When we spoke, you commented that the screenshot you had sent to us demonstrated you had used 22.4GB of data.

I can see that the sidepanel of the screenshot does show a figure of 22.4GB, and breaks this down as 21.3GB incoming and 1.1GB outgoing.

However, the screenshot also shows an itemised breakdown of data used, by each piece of software, each website, or each application.

If you add up the data used on the itemisation, this comes to a far greater figure of around 146GB of data used between 6 November 2017 and 6 December 2017.

I am unsure why the sidepanel shows different figures, as I am not familiar with this software, and I fully appreciate and accept that this reasonably led you to believe that you had used 22.4GB of data.

However, this is clearly contradicted by the itemised breakdown.

It may be this sidepanel instead refers to speeds, which would make more sense in terms of the 22.4 figure, with incoming and outgoing referring to download and upload speeds, although the use of GB, as opposed to MB or Mbps, does not fit with it being a speed recording. In short, I am unsure what the sidepanel refers to.

Nonetheless, the breakdown clearly shows around 146GB of data was used.


Please email us the screenshot if you feel comfortable. Also, GlassWire can only track the data of the device it’s installed on, not your entire network. Could that be the problem?