Internet Access Monitor - Not working

Running GlassWire with the ‘Internet Access Monitor’ enabled on four (4) computers over the past three (3) days. I know my internet has dropped out at least five (5) times for periods up to 25min but the average of 5-7min. During this time only one (1) of the four (4) PCs picked up an internet drop out and that was the 25min outage, no other PC picked up the 25min outage and none of the four (4) other dropouts (That I know of) have been recorded at all.

How does GlassWire check for internet access? Could something be blocking it? Does this functionality even work?

Version 2.3.323 on each PC and I have checked to ensure ‘Internet Access Monitor’ is enabled on all of the PCs.


Sorry for the issue. I’m not 100% sure how we currently detect downtime, I will ask. Are you sure the feature was turned on for all the devices? I ask because it’s off by default.

100% enabled - I specifically enabled it a few days ago due to internet dropouts. I have not updated GlassWire since.

Is the connection on the 3 other PCs different from the one that worked? For example are 3 on WiFi, and 1 is on Ethernet, or something like that? It will help us diagnose the issue.

Also, just to be clear, sometimes if you don’t press “OK” it won’t save the settings. Please be 100% sure this feature is turned on with the other PCs, and confirm the alert itself is turned on with that setting and double check the alerts to be sure it just wasn’t missed or something.

Sorry for the issue and thanks for your help.

All seperate PCs with seperate connections. All ethernet. Setting is enabled, each time I check…

Last ‘Alerts’ is the Glasswire indicating I turned on the Internet Access Monitor.

I have updated to the latest release (2.3.335) and confirmed that the ‘Internet Access Monitor’ is enabled. I will update this ticket once I can confirm if the issue persists.

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With the latest update:

  • 3 of 5 PCs detected the internet dropout and when it re-connected (Internet Connection was lost / Internet Connection now available)
  • 1 of 5 PCs detected the internet dropout (Internet Connection was lost) but as of 1 hour pas the internet being re-connected it has not detected or logged the internet being available again
  • 1 of 5 PCs did not detect the dropout or the re-connection at all

Better than it was but still not working consistantly. The internet dropour was about 7min.

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Thanks for your feedback. We will try to improve this feature in the future.