Internet Constantly Connecting and Disconnecting


I have been noticing Glasswire reporting the internet connection disconnects and then reconnects frequently. I can be using the internet during this time and not notice anything, however, Glasswire seems to be flagging it. Please see attached image. The timing seems suspicious for this chunk.

I checked Event Logs and there are some security logs during this time, but nothing else matching these times. While using the internet during this time my internet is not getting disconnected.

Anyone seen this before?


Sorry for the issue. If this GlassWire feature has errors, usually it’s on the side of not showing disconnects instead of showing them… so it’s usually fairly accurate.

If you don’t like this feature you can go to our top left menu and choose “settings/security” then click “Internet access monitor”.

I’m not sure if it is an error or if it is legit though. I assumed it was accurate. What do you think may cause this?

Have you seen this before?


I have not seen this happen before. Is it possible your network connection is unstable? For example, could it be a WiFi device that has a weak signal?

Hey Ken,

This is a wired connection and its frequency is strange.

The last two days it occurred at 8:48am each day. Then the day before that it was multiple times around 2-3pm.

Before that it didn’t occur for a few days.


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You could turn on desktop notifications for that feature in settings/security. Next time you have an outage you’ll get an immediate desktop notification, then you can try to visit a website and confirm you have no connectivity.