Invitation to Beta-testing GW v. 2.4.430 suspicious e-mail

Just received an e-mail looking to be from the Glasswire team, but the linked .exe file is NOT on the official GW domain. Is that official, or a phishing attempt? As the sender’s id can be faked and also shows different owners of said domains I’m very suspicious.
The file is on some Mailchimp server address

glasswire dot us9 dot list-manage dot com

(FFS I’m not allowed to post a link)

Can anyone here from Devs confirm if that is legit or not?



I’m a little worried about the lack of response to this question.

I have installed this beta on one of my machines, and am curious who I report any problems to as well.

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I was also wondering about this.
I deleted the email since I couldn’t find mention of it anywhere.
If it’s legit I would participate, but they need to confirm and provide a proper link.

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Thank you for chipping in! Exactly!

Dear autoexec.bat, JonS and Melfranks,

Thank you so much for this post, as it is helpful to everyone.

I am pleased to inform you that this is a legitimate beta testing notification, as we are currently conducting our latest beta test for the latest GlassWire version.

Please note that the email you received, and the invitation to this beta program, is restricted to a very few users. This is why we cannot publish this new version with a “proper link” as someone has correctly pointed out.

The whole GlassWire Team appreciates your concerns and diligence and thanks you for it.

Best regards,
GlassWire Support Team

fyi, it’s a by invitation only private beta to (some) existing users, which is why you don’t see it mentioned anywhere or a public link.

I didn’t get this email and it doesn’t appear that it went into my spambox either.

Any notes or changelog for this beta?

Interesting thread. Also, I usually am invited to test the GW beta versions but did not receive this latest invitation email either.

On a lighter note, this version number jump 2.3 - 2.4 suggests some/few under the bonnet changes…?

Hey there!
Any information if the email/link is save?

i got the same and would love to try it out.


I downloaded this version and checked it with Bitdefender. No problems.

It is asked to register on a website to be able, it seems, to access the new features.
I did not do it; I don’t understand this working method.

It works fine. There is at least one evolution: it is possible to modify the label of a device.