Is constant 3-4% CPU consumption normal?


move glasswire off core 0


network scan to false reduced usage from ~3% to ~2% for me
removing the service from core 0 made no effect


This worked for me. From 12% down to 1% CPU.


I just had to to do this. This usage has creeped up slowly over the summer. In the beginning it was no issue, then around 3-4%, then in the 10’s and today I saw it hit the 20’s and decided enough was enough. I was having close to 15~20% constant CPU usage just watching Youtube (edit for more info: no torrent clients running, nothing fancy running - I have a busy LAN in terms of devices if that helps, but there was practically nothing running on my pc at the time except youtube and a couple reddit tabs in chrome).

Specs: Core i5-3570k @4.2ghz / 16GBram / Win10v1703(15063.540) Glasswire v1.2.109.

Made this change and cpu usage is 0-1% now, watching the very same YTvideo. This had been bothering me for a few weeks, finally decided to Google it.

Can this “issue” be fixed in the next build please?