Is constant 3-4% CPU consumption normal?

I have Windows 10 and am using GlassWire 1.2.100 32bit. The application constantly sits at 3-4% CPU consumption with another service called “GlassWire Control Service” often kicking in and consuming the same amount. Is that normal? 7% total consumption reduces my battery life.

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No, it’s not normal. What is “killer network service”? Does it happen when this is running?

Are you in “Ask to connect” mode? Are you a paid user? If so try disabling your webcam/mic monitor in the “security” settings and see if that helps.

Do you use Bittorrent?

Killer network service came with the device - I think it’s a WiFi driver. Issue persists even when I end that process.
I am in Ask to Connect mode.
Issue persists when Camera/Mic monitor is off
I use bittorrent on need basis, it’s not running by default. Issue persists when Utorrent is not running.

Please try clearing your network monitoring history and see if it helps.

No effect.
Just to note that this spike isn’t constant - sometimes it’s there sometimes it’s not. There’s no particular behaviour or uncommon software running - ie atm I’m just browsing the web. One thing I did notice is that if I kill Chrome, glasswire control service goes down from 3.5% cpu to 2% cpu. Restarting Chrome boosts it back to 3.5%

Are there any unusual extensions installed with Chrome, for example Bittorrent extensions or some other network related extension that connects to many different hosts simultaneously?

Issue persists when I kill all Google Chrome applications and services
Could you tell me the circumstances under which the service would actively consume 3-4% of CPU? I am a software engineer so I could help debug this

Have you tried scanning your computer recently for viruses/malware? Is there any unusual network related software there that makes lots of connections (sorry I already hinted at this)?

Here is GlassWire Elite in Click to block mode running on my PC right now as I have Chrome/Firefox both open with multiple tabs.

I’m using an older small NUC that isn’t very powerful.

Is your GlassWire closed when it shows this CPU usage, or is it open and viewable? You can click its top right X to close it out and it will still run in the background.

Of course if GlassWire is running and in use (making a graph and not minimized) it will use a reasonable amount of CPU just like any other Windows application that’s open and being used.

It’s minimized. No viruses / malware. Here’s my traffic for the last week:

I don’t see anything that can raise an eyebrow. OpenVPN is NordVPN.
If there were any network rampaging applications, I assume their MB footprint would be sufficiently large to show up in the chart. My Glasswire service right now is at 1.5%
I’m updating all my chipset drivers right now just in case, although this is a new XPS 9560 and should work fine.

Is there any logging/debuggin feature within Glasswire that could help us understand which app is making so many network requests?


Is uTorrent running in the background? I saw it there.

If you disable Nord temporarily does it make any difference?

It is not.
It does not.
let me know if there are any logging/debugging tools availbale

Please email our helpdesk and give a link to this thread. Maybe our dev team has some ideas.

Just to say I have the exact same issue with cpu usage and I just figured it was normal.
I am a pro user who bought it ages ago when it was on a Stack Commerce sale so I have a lot of logs in the db.
I am connected to a remote server as well but I dont have webcam monitoring on.


Please try making some of the changes above as I recommended to the other user and see if it helps.

Also try this:

Please try this:

Stop the GlassWire service;
Set enable_network_scan=false in c:\Programdata\GlassWire\service\glasswire.conf file
Start the GlassWire service.

Let us know your results.


I had tried the previous steps but it didnt help.
Changing network scan to false seems to have reduced the usage but I will keep an eye on it over the next 24 hours to confirm as my rig doesnt get restarted often.

It appears to have worked, no real spikes to 3-5% have been spotted since changing it on both my rigs.

I came looking for answer as well. I have an i7 processor and glasswire runs at 10-12% constant. The glassfire firewalls is disabled. No viruses/malware, checked through bitdefender and malwarebytes. I am a pro user. Also, this has the highest use of memory of all my programs at a stead 500MB

My memory usage and cpu usage is much better after I made the change. Its hard to be 100% sure since patch update Tuesday happened but I do think it may be solved after editing that file.

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the change worked for me. now @ >1.5%. Thanks alot!