Is Glasswire 3.0 mobile compatible with a VPN

I have recently purchased NordVPN primarily for my laptop however the mobile phone version is part of that subscription. On the laptop they co-exist but appear to be incompatible with a VPN on th mobile as I can either have the Glasswire firewall engaged or the VPN but it seems not both, Nord the supplier of the VPN do not seems to have a satisfactory solution so I wanted to know if there is a way around this or will I just have to not bother with a firewall on my mobile phone.


Unfortunately Android only allows one VPN at a time, and the only way we can block apps is through a local VPN .

We’re trying to see if it’s possible to add the ability for GlassWire to act as your VPN software to solve the issue. Most VPN services offer a way for you to use any VPN client you want to access their VPN, for example PIA offers this.

You may want to check this article: . I also use GlassWire and NordVPN simultaneously, and I set up a proxy as described there.



Wow, thank you for posting that! I’ll need to read more about this and try it myself. I didn’t realize it was possible.

Thanks for that @Trinitrotolueno
I will have a read and try to absorb the details and attempt to implement as you have done


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In fact Android does not allow two VPN services to run simultaneously on a unrooted device. What I interpreted from my reading is that their software - which I also use - can be configured to redirect traffic thru a NordVPN proxy.
I apologise, I was excited that they proposed this solution, that I forgot to mention that I was also using AdGuard. But it would be interesting if in a future release GlassWire can use this feature too.

Yes it seems that there is no way to input proxy details in Glasswire at the moment well not that I can find anyhow, hopefully Ken can suggest they implement that soon.

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Unfortunately there is no way for now. That’s why I’m suggesting to include this feature in a future release because it can be an added value.

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Maybe it could be possible to use GlassWire firewall feature and NordVPN (or any other VPN) simultaneously, like AdGuard and NordVPN, for example.

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