Is GlassWire a virus? (solved)

Virus Total says that its a trojan

Almost certain that it is not.

VirusTotal says that one of the scanners reports a problem. This is likely to be a false positive like in several other topics.

For example:

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Thanks for telling me!

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Just my thoughts. I would only download the software from the trusted Glasswire website. And you can also compare the hash value. Some dark places could add payloads to .exe files. So, rule of thumb be careful where you get your software sources from.


I downloaded it from the GlassWire official site.


VirusTotal’s API is built into GlassWire, but turned off by default. You can turn it on by following these instructions.

Our FAQ covers this issue

Why is GlassWire flagging itself as malware under the VirusTotal column?

GlassWire itself may occasionally be flagged as malware by VirusTotal as a false positive. If you have any concerns about this please email us, or post in our forum so we can help you.

Thanks for posting in the forum so we can help.

  1. I notice the file you uploaded to VirusTotal is not named as we name it on our website. We always name our file GlassWireSetup.exe but it appears this file is not named that.

  2. I uploaded our GlassWireSetup.exe to and found the same results as you. It appears this company “Antiy-AVL” flagged our installer. I then searched for “Antiy-AVL false positive” and found what may be their contact web page here.

I then emailed the contact info on the page so they could investigate the false positive.

It is possible that perhaps this page is wrong because the word “business” is misspelled on this page. If someone knows the correct URL for their website please let me know. Or perhaps this is really their page and they misspelled the word “business”. I don’t know.

Hopefully they will respond soon and solve the issue if this is really the correct website for that company.