Is it possible to disable the Graph?

GlassWire is the best firewall application that I have seen or used. Very well done!

But I spend all of my time using GlassWire in the other tabs, primarily in Firewall, Alerts, and Usage. Never use the Graph. It looks nice, and I’m sure it is helpful to many, so I am glad it is there.

is there a way to turn the Graph off and save some system resources?


Thank you for your kind words. There is no way to turn off the graph. Nobody has ever requested it before, and our “Usage” screen probably uses more resources than the graph so I’m not sure it would help much.

Thanks for your feedback on that idea of disabling the graph.

You can decrease overall resource usage by going to the top left menu with GlassWire and choosing “Incognito” but then GlassWire does not keep any logs of anything. Clearing old history can also help under GlassWire’s settings.

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Hey Ken, thanks for the reply. I find that ‘Usage’ screen quite useful when I want to know what is connecting to what, and what type of traffic it uses. So we will keep that one, OK?

I don’t personally have a use case for “Incognito”, so I would prefer to keep logs. But it is nice to know that feature is available.

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