Is the public government considered a non-commercial organization for GlassWire?

I am a civil servant of the local government, here in Brazil, and I use the product at home, and I would like to know if the free license is valid for a public (non-commercial) government entity, as I would like to be able to use it in the institution’s environment, but not it would be possible to acquire a paid license for the numerous equipment’s of environment.

Thank you for your help.

Hello, an interesting question! I’ve always assumed that GlassWire was only a personal end-user device product, and not really designed for an institutional network environment. In my experience most institutional or enterprise scale networks usually have their own technical support teams and in-house network monitoring tools.

What would be the use case for a personal software firewall in this particular instance?


There are far BETTER options than Glasswire. You need to conduct more research.

Hi, yes we have an IT team and we have other network monitoring tools. Unfortunately, investment is low and bureaucracy is high in the government sector in Brazil.
Regarding the application of Glasswire, it would be to have a second local monitoring on the computers, because it is always possible for the user to use some way to escape from the centralized tools and in these cases having a second source of information can be valuable.
And about the license, it’s a curiosity lol.

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About the valuable contribution, yes, I work with IT, I know there are better tools (sic), but that was not the point. I’m on the Glasswire forum, asking about applying their free license. There are specific applications in each environment that may be valid.

For the licensing, I would suggest an email directly to GlassWire support.


Well, right, maybe its better… Thanks…

It is an UNBELIEVABLY valuable contribution.

If you knew anything about your job in IT on a Government level, you would NOT be discussing this in a public forum, kiddo.

I’m a retired systems admin and have worked in the Government and designed entire systems and networks. You NEVER discuss the inner workings or potential software with the public.

WOW, congrats… Thanks

Yep. Your immature attitude is the exact reason WHY you ought to be dismissed from your position. Sadly, too many immature and unqualified individuals today hold positions that require the utmost attention to privacy.

Hopefully, you’re booted.

@ALB10 thanks for the inquiry and for using glasswire. Assuming you do not get booted from your position (something which i definitely wish you not to happen!) you can definitely use Glasswire free version at work and enjoy whatever features are available in the free plan. In fact, if you reach out to providing more background to your enterprise related needs, we would be more than happy to better understand your use case which would help us with future developments. With all the development which is in store, it is our aspiration in the next 6-12 months to get to the point where we can start servicing the professional IT market in addition to the prosumer market.