Is there a way to remove rules from the Firewall Tab?

Okay about 2 to 3 weeks ago I switched to 360 Total Security and Windows Firewall with GlassWire. And I really like that combination so far … but since then I have removed some programs. And now I have several rules in the Firewall Tab of GlassWire from programs I no longer use.

I know how to empty the Alerts Tab but this does not seem to work for the Firewall Tab. Is there a way to remove those programs I no longer have and keep the rest of the Firewall rules in GlassWire.

And if this is not possible at the moment, is the Team behind GlassWire thinking of adding such an option in the future?

Thank you for reporting this. We have had some other users email us with similar issues and we’re trying to figure out a solution.

That is good to read, thanks Ken_GlassWire.

If you clear “All” your history it should remove your firewall rules I think, but then you’d also lose all your history.

No that only clears the Alerts Tab not the Firewall rules. It would also not make sense if all the Firewall rules would be removed that way … would mean that people would have to go through all their programs again every time they use the clear function. It would be nice if in the future the people could some how select the rules they want to remove and keep the rest.

I could be mistaken but I think this latest version also clears the firewall rules. Did you try clearing the history again with this latest version?

Yeah I tried it out again just before I made my previous post. The Graph / Usage and Alert Tab get cleared, but not the Firewall tab. And again that would not make sense, it would only annoy people if they hat to go through their programs again every time they use the clear function.

Did you try clearing this folder?


Hi, do you get any solution about this issue? it also pluzzed me now.