[Issue] Firewall 'Off' button grayed out

I had a problem today where I could not turn on the firewall (I use it to save mobile data). The button was just grayed out (cannot add link, new user…). It did work for few days and then just stopped yesterday.

I tried researching the problem and gave up and was about to make a post - then remembered… “did you try turning it off and on?”

So I did restart my phone and could press the button again.

Before resetting I did check battery optimization setting - it was fine, not optimized.
Then I deleted the VPN in Android settings. Didn’t help.

Is this a known problem? Anyway to prevent it? I don’t mind resetting my phone, I rather worry the firewall will be off and I will lose half of my data plan before I can make it work again.

Other than that, as a new user - the app looks really nice! I love the UI and I am glad I found this app. What I miss is the differentiation between SIM cards but that’s not a big issue.


Sorry for the issue, may I ask your phone type? Some Samsung phones have a known VPN bug. You can search Google for your phone type and “vpn” to see if that’s your issue.

It’s the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. It’s an Android One phone, currently running Android Pie (Android 9).

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